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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sewing Etui for me.

I've always wanted a little sewing box, a Antique French Etui with little antique sewing implements would be just the best thing ever to have.  Well, if you have ever looked for one you, like me have found that you need to have lots of dollars to get one.  Sad but true, and there is probably one in someone's attic sitting there getting all dusty waiting for someone like me.  One day, maybe just one day I will come across one I can afford.
In the mean time I got a bee in my bonnet again and this desire was on my mind.  I was looking online to see if I could find one I could afford and of course I couldn't so I rushed upstairs to make myself my very own little sewing box.  This is my first one, so of course after I made it I thought of many enhancements to this design.  I will be making more just so I get it perfectly the way I want.
But in the meantime here is my little sewing box.  I wish I had some really old things to put in it for my picture.  I found a few things around the house, so now I'm on a search of old sewing tools for my little box!

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