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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mad rush to no where!

It dawned on me yesterday that my friend and neighbor's birthday was the next day.  I was in a panic of what to do for her birthday.  Since she is such a wonderful friend and neighbor I like to always give her something that I think is special and here it was only one day to do just that...so I rushed around thinking, looking on line for idea's....  Then I finally found it.  A little matching kitchen set.

I sat down at my computer, I found an image of an apple that I like then I digitized it.  I dug through my stash to find fabric that would go with her kitchen and found a pattern for the long double pot holder you see there in the back and for the dish towels I just winged it.  All that sounds like a lot but really it didn't take long.

Then I decided I'd expand on the apple theme and make her an apple pie!  So I went to the store, picked up some granny smith apples and of course some ice cream.  Oh and I also picked up a couple steaks, after all it was my anniversary!  Okay, so once I got home I started the apple pie right away.  I dug out my favorite pie crust recipe.  Pealed and put the apples on to simmer (so I could get more apples in the pie) and in a matter of an hour or so I had a 6 inch apple pie all ready for delivery.   I need to deliver this a day before her birthday because I'll be out the entire day of her birthday.

So I'm now ready to deliver my goodies to the birthday girl.  I give her a call to let her know I'm coming over with a surprise...and no answer...  Then I go to my PC to email her and to my surprise she's posted on FB and well...to my horror she is in SEATTLE....  How could I forget!    LOL now, the rush is over and there never even needed to be a rush cause she's not due back till Sunday!  Anyway a trip to Seattle is definitely better than an apple pie so she still is having a wonderful deserving Birthday, and when she gets back...well she'll have a frozen apple pie to thaw!
Lesson learned....WRITE things down if your memory is failing you!

1 comment:

  1. Now this sounds like something that would happen to me. You know you could have shared the pie with me and you could have made a new one for her. LOL
    Cute tea towels.
    I want to know about your digitizing? You are sew talented and crafty.