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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fences keep the dogs in!

You know, I'll be 50 next year but I feel 70!  I wish I was more fit but I'm not.  I told my son that he needs to think of everything labor intensive he needs done so we can get it done before I'm no longer able to tackle jobs like these!  You seen he acquired his first pet now that he has his first home right?  Well part of dog ownership is to keep your dog from roaming the streets!  Jason's new home needed tons of repairs and one of them was his back fence.  It was leaning at a 45 degree angle toward the treeline behind his house.  Besides that the pickets were probably as old as the house and needed to be replaced 5 years ago!  Well, me sending pictures of cute dogs, then Jason choosing one at the end of August was probably poor judgment on my part knowing the fence needed replacing!  Oh sometime I think I just love punishing myself, and I do it often.  Anyway last weekend we tackled the job, it was 100 in the shade..(had we had any shade) but we did it and we did it well.  The fence looks like a professional put it up.  We are so pleased!  Here is the fence complete and Catlin is hosing it down so we can seal it...definitely sealing it, don't want to have to repeat this project anytime soon.

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