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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Artimis my new Granddog...:)

Life is moving right along for my Son.  His new house, his new girl and now his new dog Artimis.  The cutest little Miniature Pinscher ever!  He adopted him on Monday and now he's officially part of the family.  Who doesn't love a great pet.  Jason is so over the top in love and so happy to finally have a pet that is REALLY his.  My donation (among other) was this dog couch.  No I didn't have a pattern but felt it couldn't be that hard so I just went for it...  2 less 2x4's later we had the frame.  Then I tore open some old pillows that we were no longer using and stuffed it the best I could.  Then picked out some fabric to match Jason's house (2 yards) should have purchased 3 yards but I made due and didn't hardly have a scrap left!  Artimis loves his bed.  He knew it was his as soon as he seen it.  Isn't that hilarious!  He jumped in it, jumped up and down on it and then just laid down.  He's a happy boy!

1 comment:

  1. I want one. You are one creative lady. Very impressive.
    I love the look on Artimis' in that last picture. And gee your son has your smile